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posting based on radiogroup chosen

    Aug 21 2010 01:29:23



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    I have a radio group for the customer to choose
    1- send directly to the recipant
    2 - send to me to present myself to the recipient
    when 1 is picked a group of text boxes open up for the address.
    for each item there is a hidden field and text box so that the label shows up in the cart
    for example
    <span class="style30">First Name</span>
    <input type="hidden" name="product3[]1" value="{br}FIRST NAME:" /></td>
    <td width="151"><input type="text" name="product3[]2" value=""/></td>

    if 2 is picked the customer just moves on to the next step.

    how do i get it to pass the text boxes to the cart only if 1 is chosen

    Aug 21 2010 02:12:34


    Debbie Q

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