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running total for options dropdown box

    Aug 28 2010 11:01:35



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    does anyone have a form that has products in a dropdown box that also shows a running total once a selection is made

    Aug 28 2010 23:23:22



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    Take a look at this from GT's site:

    Aug 29 2010 00:50:10



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    Thanks anon

    I looked at that but it does not do dropdown boxes and I also have my own one use for a pc picker but it only does check boxes as well.

    I need dropdown boxes becase there is around 50 options in 10 categories to choose from. so it would be a lot easier I think to use the dropdown instead of hundereds of check boxes on a page.

    I need to dropdown boxes for the actual product as well not for the quantity

    Aug 29 2010 16:01:43


    Debbie Q

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    The price option script here has drop downs I believe.

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    Aug 30 2010 10:45:50



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    Thanks Debbie,

    I did actually purchase scripts from this site over 2 years ago and support is none existant. They seem to take the money and run. I have emailed they at least 20 times and have never had a response for support so I gave up on them.

    I have only just today emailed them for support on the script but still no response. Not a good thing if you sell something and won't offer any type of support for your product.

    I will battle on and see what happens.

    thanks again