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Re:Adding the shopping cart string to template

    Aug 30 2010 20:42:18


    Gil Sery

    Join date : 2010-04-27      Posts : 141

    I think Dee means the new, customizable template available with the Premium account.

    It really is as simple as it sounds (assuming you're familiar with HTML). Enter the HTML background and header as you normally would, then in the precise spot within the <body> tag where you would like the shopping cart to appear, add the {shopping_cart} string.

    This string is not part of the regular HTML, so it won't work anywhere else, but in Mal's.

    For the {head_text} string, put this anywhere you want between the <head> and <head> tags. Bear in mind that when the page loads, Mal's will automatically replace this string with some other code, so I would suggest placing this string at the end of your header text, right before the </head> tag.

    If doing this, still doesn't work, then it's not these strings that are causing your page not to load properly. You might want to use an HTML validator (enter "html validator" in Google to find one), or you can post your code here and see if someone and spot the error.