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Re:PCI compliance issue: suggestions?

    Sep 07 2010 15:47:40



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    anon said If you get the authorization through a payment gateway, then you can make adjustments, if necessary, before capturing payment.

    No wonder you are anon as that is not very helpful for TerrEssentials :-)

    They, like us, obviously do not want to use a payment gateway which is why they asked the question in the first place.

    When Mal's went down a few months ago for almost a week we had to create a new account which would not allow us to collect the CVV number. The only option we had was to put it as one of the extra collection fields which are not secure. We had many orders during that time and everyone filled in the field - but they are not required to like the CVV field - therefore if they had not then we would have had to ring them up or email them which would delay their order, take up our valuable time and therefore money. Plus it would make the system look insecure. As we are on a premium cart I really don't see why we should not continue to use it (paying for the facility) at our own risk.

    We think that this is a ridiculous way to go and it is obvious that they just want to force us to use a payment gateway which is pointless as we have a terminal already which we pay for !!

    What we need to know from Mal is the following

    How much notice are you going to give us when you switch this feature off ?
    How long (in months or years) before you intend switching this off ?
    Are you going to actually let your customers know Mal when you switch this off as in the past you have not told us when major things changed ?

    I won't hold my breath for any good answers

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