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Re:Downloadables, DLGuard, remote calls and dual emails.

    Sep 07 2010 21:59:50



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    Thanks anon, that's helpful. We could do the curl thing but time is of the essence, I've got three days to set up the cart and launch the new site. I have already installed DLGuard and the site is complete apart from the links to the cart. I was hoping that if I set up a new account I could run that independently of the existing one for a few days, then close the old one. My main concern was that Mal's configuration might prevent two accounts communicating with the same domain. I'll try it and see if it works and let you know how I get on.

    Regarding emails, your second solution would work best for this situation because only some of the downloadable products need the secondary notification. I'll probably do something else for now and do the code later.

    Thanks again for your help.

    Giraffeweb2, Linklok has worked well for over six years and has never failed us. DLGuard just looks more comprehensive and a little easier/quicker to use. Only time will tell whether I've made the right decision.