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Barclays ePDQ Interface

    Sep 08 2010 10:32:13


    Linda Haycox

    Join date : 2010-09-04      Posts : 36

    Hi folks. This is my first post on the forum. I have recently interfaced the cart with Barclays ePDQ and very pleased with the results.

    However, I have had two instances since I went live where I have shipped to the wrong address. I have now worked out how this has come about. The customer has entered their details in the cart but not at this stage entered a different shipping address. No shipping address is therefore passed to the Barclays payment engine which allows the customer to enter one there. This is obviously not passed back to the cart.

    Could other ePDQ users advise how they have overcome this?

    Ideally, if no shipping address is entered in the cart the interface should also pass the customer details in the shipping details which will overcome the issue. Can anyone please advise how I go about requesting this?

    Many thanks