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Re:same cart script looks different in IE and Firefox

    Sep 21 2010 07:00:58



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    Thanks GT.

    I have emailed the designer of the web software I use to advise it has issues with it. This software I have no controll over it you just add text and images etc to it and it generates everything.

    As for the errors on the cart display I have also emailed the guy who wrote that as well requesting a fix for it.

    i knew the return to cart is wrong becase this is only a test site and the links are not relevant to anything yet.

    Now onto the real issue if you just extract the script and place on a page with no other content it still does the same.

    i have even visited your site and looked at your running total script and it also has the same issues under IE and FIrefox. It appears the less content you have it is not as noticable but when you have lots like I have the result is very dramatic. It's not a bigt issue but one of those little things that bug me.

    I have actually emailed some people at to see if they can shed some light on it why it happens so fingers crossed someone will have an answer soon.