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Re:same cart script looks different in IE and Firefox

    Sep 22 2010 16:52:55


    Gil Sery

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    pcguy said Hi Gil,

    I tried that and it totally destroyed the page. text was all over the place and the script bunched up to about 1 inch high so i remeved it all.

    I will keep trying to find my solution as it is bugging me

    I can see why. There are several code errors in the source code that need to be fixed. That's why I hand code my HTML -- yes, still. Even in this day and age of HTML generators, because you end up with code problems like this, that shouldn't be there in the first place, and wouldn't if the software companies that came up with these programs would just write valid HTML code for their programs!!!

    Sorry, got off on a bit of a tangent there. ;-)

    I strongly suggest that you validate the page and see what's up. For example, I tried to validate your page and noticed that you're missing the type="text/javascript" part just after your <SCRIPT> opening tag. Any time you use javascript, you need to put "<SCRIPT type="text/javascript"> so that the browser knows how to interpret it.

    If you find the W3C validator a little confusing (as I do), you can use this validator, that's a little more simple to understand:

    Also, you do know <font> is a deprecated (aka obsolete) tag, right? The correct way is to now use CSS to state <p style="color: black">

    Another error I noticed is that you have an image that is misnamed. I believe your file is called "man_ tick.png". However, spaces are not allowed in filenames used for websites. I suggest you either rename it "man_%20tick.png" or just remove the space altogether.

    I'm sorry to say that these kinds of things are what you get for using a HTML generator program, like Antenna 3. They're never as smart -- or as adaptable -- as the human brain. :-)