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Discount Promo Codes

    Sep 25 2010 19:15:56



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    We would like to offer customers a special promo code so that by entering the code, they will get a certain product for only $5 each instead of the normal $7.50.

    I entered $2.50 as the discount value, but what then happens is that the cart only discounts $2.50 off the grand TOTAL, rather than take $2.50 off EACH of the products. Does this make sense? Can we set it up in this manner? Thank you, thank you!

    Sep 25 2010 23:44:56


    Debbie Q

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    Not with the cart voucher system. You would need some kind of custom script on your website.

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    Oct 21 2010 21:00:59



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    hi Yukon4,

    Unfortuantly this is not supported with Mals. I can suggest simply lowering your prices by 2.50 and call it a sale?

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    Sorry for not being of any more help

    Oct 22 2010 04:07:59



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    Maybe instead of a promo code, you could provide your customers with the URL to a "hidden" page on your web site where that particular product is listed with the lower price?

    Or if you wanted to get fancy you could possibly have a promo code box on your regular page where if they enter the correct code, some javascript code changes the applicable price(s). (I believe something along these lines is what Debbie was suggesting.) This would require some advanced scripting knowledge, but if you are capable, its an option.