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Discount voucher expired before end of month

    Sep 30 2010 13:15:28



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    I have been running a discount this month (Sept.) and it has been functioning fine, but this morning, Sept. 30, the voucher code no longer applies the discount. Maybe a time zone problem?? I am in -7 or -8 USA west coast.

    I have created a never ending voucher with the same code so it is working again but I will have to manually end it tonight.

    I wonder if there is a better solution for next time?



    Sep 30 2010 14:53:21



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    In the cart setup, what time zone have you applied for your cart?

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    Oct 01 2010 00:26:27



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    The adjusted server time is correct, set at -7. I see someone else had the same problem earlier. I'll bet the software triggers with the beginning of the last day instead of the beginning of the first of the next month.