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Paypal not recieving shipping information

    Oct 11 2010 04:44:22



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    Help! Suddenly paypal is not receiving shipping information. I have not changed anything at paypal, USPS or mals-e. now some orders I can't print inside of paypal. i noticed one thing.... maybe its when people fill out (or its auto filled) a seperate shipping address... THATS when it DOES NOT WORK!

    help... typing 30 addresses into USPS by hand is not fun :(

    Oct 11 2010 05:52:45



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    I suggest contacting Mal.

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Oct 11 2010 13:41:29


    Debbie Q

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    2 things to check...

    1) in Mal's paypal setup make sure you have the box unchecked at the bottom that says no shipping address at PayPal.

    2) Under Other messages and general settings it use to say "check if you want to ask for separate shipping address." Now it says " check to ask for separate invoice address." Maybe it is making a difference in PayPal? Mine is checked and I have not had any problems.

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    Oct 11 2010 15:30:45



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    Thank you for the replies! Mal suggested turning check to ask for separate invoice address off for now. isn't there a fake credit card or something that i could use to test the cart?

    Alan said I suggest contacting Mal.