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Can I itemize a handling fee?

    Oct 18 2010 17:40:57


    Gil Sery

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    My boss wants to itemize handling fees without including them in the shipping cost. I have noticed that there are itemized lines for "Sub total", "Shipping" and "Tax", but none for Handling. Is there any way to get around this and itemize a handling fee?

    I thought of maybe using the extra fields option, but this would rely on customers inputting the fee themselves, which is not feasible or practical.

    Are there any other ways of itemizing a handling fee?

    Thanks for any help.

    Oct 18 2010 20:54:57



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    Your shipping message can mention that a handling fee is included but I think that's about it

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Oct 19 2010 20:06:10


    Gil Sery

    Join date : 2010-04-27      Posts : 141

    Thanks, Alan.

    Oct 20 2010 12:45:31


    Timothy I. Koen

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    Gil, I charge a $7 handling fee plus 7% of the order as a shipping fee. In shipping use option 5 with units set to equal price.

    In the first zone set up .01 to be 700.00 ($7) the next zone is 0.07 (7%). This will add $7 (handling fee) to every order plus 7% for shipping.

    I don't even mention that there is a handling fee.


    Tim Koen

    Oct 21 2010 21:27:40


    Gil Sery

    Join date : 2010-04-27      Posts : 141

    Thanks for your suggestion Tim. I appreciate it.