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    Sep 02 2008 15:38:16



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    I have a website that sells 1 product.
    It's a non-tangible non-cost recurring service product.
    Customers pay one time for one product.
    PayPal's "Buy Now" button won't work because it takes the customer off site to PayPal to pay. Itís critical the customer comes back to my site and complete the setup process and continue. With the PayPal "Buy Now' button working in conjunction with my business account with PayPal the customer may or may not find their way back to my site especially if they pay with a credit card.
    Shopping cart or not?
    Merchant account other than PayPal and shopping cart?
    Merchant account that provides a shopping cart?
    What do site owners use if they sell only one non-tangible, non-cost recurring service item?
    I really want to keep the customer on my site pay and continue with what they need to do. Any suggestions?