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Advanced Shipping Help. I know.. I know

    Sep 02 2008 16:13:35



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    I know it's asked a million times. I tried searching the forums and I just get more confused. I really need help with my shipping. I have premium. I want to set up my shipping with real time actual costs from USPS. I signed up for an account with them already. I have all that info. I then went and tried to fiquere out WTH to do next.. I tried to set up my zones. But how do you 'apply' them? It still is using my old basic shipping commands. PLus I don't think I set up the zones right anyways. What I would like is for it to be set up by qty for most items and for only one of my products I would like it set for a certain amount (9.30) (FRB plus insurance DC) How do I do this. Can you please help. I feel like I am going in circles..


    Sep 02 2008 21:37:07



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    If you are charging by weight then you need to supply units values which are the weights.

    To charge a fixed amount of shipping for one product you probably have to include shipping in its price and give it a units a value of 0.

    For more on Advanced shipping setup see,68878,68878#msg-68878

    Sep 03 2008 20:22:45



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    I just read through the attached post. I am having trouble signing up for an XML Access Key through UPS. I went here and clicked XML Access Key:

    I then realized I needed a "Developer's Key" in order to go any further. And, to get this key I needed to "Register". I registered but you still do not get a Developer's Key. You need to request the "UPS OnLine Tool" that you need. I believe the tool I need is "UPS Rates & Service Selection".

    When I select this tool I need to provide additional information. One being a "UPS Account Number". In order to get a UPS Account Number I have to "Open a UPS Account" here:
    And, to open a UPS account, you have to provide your credit card information.

    Am I on the right track or lost in the woods. Sounds like it costs money to use the UPS tools? I couldn't find out how much it costs.