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Verifying Shipping addresses

    Nov 05 2010 00:26:12



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    I wanted to know what some of you are doing when it comes to processing orders that have different "bill to" & "ship to" addresses.

    Currently, I'm using to approve orders that have a "match" for both the street address & the zip code for the "bill to" address, but not for the "ship to" address...many of my orders have a different "ship to" address

    Can anyone please enlighten me on how be able to verify of the shipping address information?

    Thank you to all.


    Nov 05 2010 14:29:27


    Gerald Harris

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    Probably 40% or more of our orders have a different ship-to address. In the beginning we were a bit worried about stolen credit cards but those fears have subsided, we really only have had one issue with a stolen card and we have processed thousands of orders.

    We don't do any verifying of the shipping address.

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