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Zone's Confusion and Large Weight Shipping.

    Sep 02 2008 16:46:37


    monarchy catering

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    this my first post after switching from the PP SC...

    We use DHL to ship to all corners of Europe, and in the future US, so need Zones to be configured. After choosing Shipping Option 4, I went to the first Zone entry box and thought how will people know what zone they are actually in, if there's no description text?
    Is there an area where we can place the Zone details for the user?

    Also, because we can be shipping from anywhere between 1Kg and 500Kg's, there is not enough boxes lol. How complicated is it to write a processing script to calculate the shipping cost, based on weight, and check the users shipping zone requirements?


    Thanks for any advice,


    Sep 02 2008 17:15:01


    monarchy catering

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    Sorry, should have been Shipping Option 5:....


    Sep 02 2008 21:52:38



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    Standard shipping and Option 5 will let you define 5 zones, which might be geographic, each with a table of maximum 5 rows. If you plot weight against price for a zone and can manage with five slopes joined together it might work.

    But you might also want different service types.

    Advance shipping looks a lot better.

    You can have multiple zones, each with multiple options

    For example, zone 1 might be UK, zone 2 rest of EU, etc..

    Within zone 1 you might have two (or more) options, perhaps express delivery and regular delivery.

    The customer would choose a zone and then be given the price for each option as a choice.

    An option table can have at least 20 rows.

    Sep 03 2008 08:30:10


    monarchy catering

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    Thanks Alan for your quick response...

    I assume the "Advanced Shipping" is part of the Premium Account?

    I suppose the ideal solution is to add together the total weight's of the products and selected a shipping charge band based on the total weight. We hold the weight of each product and send via the add to cart button.

    Does seem a lot of work and causes such headaches lol



    Sep 03 2008 10:13:48



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    Yes, Advanced shipping comes with the Premium account. And yes, you include the product's weight as its units value. The cart uses the units total in conjunction with your tables to calculate the cost.

    You might have multiple geographic zones, basing the charge on the units total. For example

    Zone UK
    Option 2-3 days

    The first 0.5 is charged 9.80 the band
    the next 0.5 is charged 1.40 the band
    the next 1 is charged 1.40 the band
    the next 3 is charged 1.40 the band
    the next 5 is charged 1.40 the band
    the next 10 is charged 5.60 the band
    the next 11.5 is charged 12.80 the band

    That takes you to 31.5kgs and 33.80 where the dhlitnow web page I was looking at stopped.