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Working on setting up a USPS shipping calculator

    Nov 14 2010 04:25:50



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    Ok, I can do this. LOL. I am about 1/2 way through my site adding weights to the items in my store. I have everything set up through USPS for my webtools for the calculator.

    How can I easily flip back and forth between my current shipping set up and the calculator? I want to be able to do lots of testing to make sure the shipping is working correctly with the calculator. I ship all over the world, so it has to be perfect.

    Is flipping between the two ways as simple as in the advanced shipping, checking either one of these?

    Use advanced shipping calculations...
    Just use the standard shipping calculations...

    Also, I had been told that my packaging weight needs to be padded into my product weight. Any suggestions on how much to pad the weights? I have items that range in weight from 1 gram up to 7 pounds, so quite a range of weight.

    Also, any benefit to using pounds versus ounces? I should have asked that before I got about 1/2 way through my site.

    Howaco Glass Supply Co

    Nov 15 2010 12:03:17



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    You can switch between standard and advanced shipping. At one time the standard shipping option was lost if you did this and had to be reset but I assume that was fixed.

    It might be easier from the testing viewpoint to set up a second account. If you don't need it for too long and explain why to Mal he might waive the charge. Nothing to lose by asking!

    Some shipping help documents are available at