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{head_text} & Image Library incompatible with Premium cart template?

    Nov 25 2010 03:08:27



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    Doesn't seem as this should be the case but I've tried every combination I can think of and, nadda.

    I'd like to use the SSL hosting of images and the Thawte and Hackersafe badges in the template but they don't load when using the shortcodes like they did when using the standard cart. In fact, none of the shortcodes but (shopping_cart} seem to work in a template.

    Nov 26 2010 00:35:57



    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 9

    Figured it out. For those of you who run into this problem:

    In order to display the Hackersafe and Thawte badges in a Cart Template, you have to View Source on your cart when it is in Standard (non-template) mode and copy the actual code that loads the badges and put it into your template. The shortcodes for these do not work anywhere except the Standard Cart.

    In order to use the Image Library in a template, same thing applies. Find the code that the Standard Cart uses and put it into your template. The listed shortcodes for {logo}, {img1}, etc. do not work in the template either. Instead, put {logo} into your Standard Cart Header specification. The {shopping_cart} shortcode then loads it from the Image Library. In order to load these images securely, in the Secure Template code change:

    and the browser will no longer throw an error on partially secure content.