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Main Content mail is being delayed

    Nov 30 2010 20:24:39


    Mal Stewart

    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 135 are currently throttling emails, that is they are asking for them to be to queued and sent latter. They have been doing this on and off for the last couple of days. I think most messages are being accepted by them eventually although you may have to wait a while.

    If you use mail and you wish to receive order notifications immediately then I recommend you switch to another mail service.

    Mal Stewart

    Mal's E-commerce Ltd

    Dec 03 2010 09:47:02


    Mal Stewart

    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 135

    I'm still seeing problems with Yahoo at peak times of the day. I've tried to talk to them but I'm just getting messed around. I think if you use Yahoo and you like to recieve your order notifications straight away then you should consider switching to a different email service.

    There are no problems with any of the other major email services: Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

    Mal Stewart

    Mal's E-commerce Ltd

    Dec 05 2010 21:59:39



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    We use Yahoo Business email and I called them because I have an order sitting in your list orders section and never got the email notification associated with the order and a copy of it was not in my yahoo business email.

    They seem to think that the problem is on Mals end. They said they are not having throttling or delayed email issues.

    Can you please look into this fuirther??