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upselling using SCODE

    Dec 24 2010 15:45:55


    David H

    Join date : 2009-12-16      Posts : 24

    I have products with SCODE samples as BB-01-15-1 or BB-02-14-1 or BB-05-12-1 for example. I also have other products with other SCODE such as PP202 etc.

    When using upselling there is a choice to make so the product only appears as an upsell in the cart if other products with specific SCODEs are in the cart, but you seem to only have one choice.

    I'd have to choose BB-01-15-1 but I would want to upsell if any BB product was in the cart. Is there a way to do this, such as when you could use an * in windows to mean anything after BB* ??

    Dec 26 2010 17:56:27


    Debbie Q

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    I haven't played with it yet but have you tried entering multiple items sperated by a comma?

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