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Upselling add-on - SUPPORT

    Jan 12 2011 14:31:04



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    As far as I know there is no way to alter the text, I would not worry about it, the majority of Dutch people speak excellent English.

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    Jan 12 2011 16:10:28


    Debbie Q

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    Marco said One last question: can the link shows 'By Now!' to buy the extra product be changed to something else? (Especially because I have Dutch customers.)

    Perhaps you can use the method explained in this post to change the text?

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    Jan 12 2011 22:12:35



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    Hi Debby,

    Many thanks for that! I added the script to the footer (Customize -> Premium Customize) and it works!

    Thanks again,

    Mar 15 2011 12:34:07



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    One more question about the Upselling add-on... I hope someone can help. If I create a description page for the add-on, which URLs do I use to

    - add the add-on to the cart; or
    - to skip the addon and return to the cart

    There must be a simple answer, but I don't get it yet... ;-)


    Mar 16 2011 13:01:57



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    I tried some different options, but no luck. Does anyone know which URLs to use?


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