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Add Shipping text, where to change cart text?

    Dec 28 2010 13:52:17



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    I know this can be done, but I cannot locate where in the Admin to change the text that appears to the left of the Add Shipping button.

    Thanks all.

    Dec 28 2010 15:14:01


    Debbie Q

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    Cart setup/customize/other messages and general settings.

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    Dec 28 2010 15:21:02



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    The Shipping Message option there does not effect the text immediately to the left of the Add Shipping button. I am looking for the specific text next to and that guides the use of the Add Shipping button.

    Thanks again.

    Mar 30 2015 21:39:34



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    This is still bugging me. Can anyone let me know how to change the optional text that appears to the left of the "Add Shipping" button in the cart. I changed it years ago, but would like to update it. Been looking for five years!

    Mar 31 2015 08:56:47



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    The text seen varies - for example standard shipping two zones may have the following. One zone doesn't.

    "To calculate the cost of delivery, make a selection from the menu to the right and then click on the recalculate button below."

    Advanced shipping has other text. And I don't see a specific Add shipping button in my cart. Perhaps it's a country thing. In one flavour, beside 'Add Delivery' is 'If you change your order, click on the button to calculate the new cost of delivery. '.

    What is the exact text you are trying to change? And did you change it previously as a message or by using some javascript?

    Some shipping help documents are available at