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Shipping Zone Limit?

    Nov 22 2008 21:21:49



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    When I am in the Shipping Zone Tables. It that correct that there is a limit of only 5 shipping zones? Thanks in advance for your help!

    Nov 22 2008 22:34:21



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    The is actually 8 options you can choose from however the ones that have tables attached only have the 5 tables you can choose from, by default I think the tables are set to 3 you have to change it to 5 and apply the changes.

    I'm not sure what is available on the premium account,

    Nov 23 2008 09:00:28


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    Yes it's 5 for standard shipping, with a maximum of five rows in a table.

    So options 6 and 7 are limited to 5 possible charges, in steps.

    Options 4 and 5 charge for every extra ounce (or gm or $ or whatever) so there is no limit.

    Advanced shipping (see cart setup / shipping / help)

    * 20 zones instead of 5
    * Each zone can have up to 6 options for the customer to choose from
    * 28 bands for each option instead of 5
    * Different shipping options can have a different basis; calculated by value, quantity, units or a UPS quote (based on weight)
    * Customers can select their zones from a list of Countries or US states or Canadian provinces

    Some shipping help documents are available at