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Re:upselling items and scode

    Jan 02 2011 02:02:41



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    Hi Debbie,

    thanks for your prompt reply.

    It didnt work however I suspect the issue lies with the price options script I use from

    What I have is a dropdown on my site to pick a laptop and I have told it if it sees scode bag10 to add a bag as an upsell item and that works but I was wanting to also have it add the nano mouse and its scode is nano.
    I have added a hidden item with the 1 appended to everything including the scode but it still failed so to get around it I now have it available in the cart regardless.
    Only downside is when you add a normal pc to the cart you see the option to add a nano mouse as well but thats fine.

    Thanks for your help appreciated as always

    I have tried to contact the orderhistory people but they are the worst for support. I am still waiting on a issue I requested support on 4 months ago now. I would never buy from them again