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Downloaded Orders Don't Show

    Nov 23 2008 13:38:18



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    I'm using mOrders 4.04 Free.

    I've used it successfully for some time, and haven't made any specific changes to computer setup etc. recently. I'm now experiencing the following problem...

    1) I click the *Download* button
    2) The status bar at the bottom reads (for instance): *1 New orders have been downloaded*
    3) Status bar text changes to: *Moving new orders into the current database..*
    4) Status bar text changes to: *Download complete.*

    I cannot see any way to make this downloaded order display. I also can't track down why this happens sometimes, and not every time.

    I've tried archiving, placing a dummy order etc. but nothing seems to make any difference. Yesterday 7 orders finally downloaded after creating, then deleting a dummy order from the Admin website.

    Any help will be much appreciated.