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Continue Shopping button

    Jan 05 2011 08:15:21



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    I have this weird thing happeining with my continue shopping button.

    I changed some page names on my site and re arranged a few things and then in my cart cde set the return link to the new location and when you add an item to the cart it works perfect and returns you back to the correct page.

    The issue is when you preview the cart and click on the continue shopping button it goes back to where the old html page. Where do I change the url for the continue shopping button in the cart to the actual page it returns, I can find on the continue shopping area where you put the url into it but that is set to the root of the website not the actual page it is returning too.

    Thanks in advance

    Jan 05 2011 08:27:32



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    Have you also amended your "View Cart" link with the new return URL?

    Jan 05 2011 09:55:37



    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 139

    Thanks Geoff, I totally forgot all about that.