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product not showing in some users' carts?

    Jan 09 2011 01:35:36



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    Hey all!

    I do not have this problem, nor have I been able to replicate it.

    However, every once in a while, I'll get an email or call from a client who cannot see items in their cart. They click to add, and when they go to check out, their carts are empty.

    I assume this has something to do with cookies/etc. settings on their browsers, but am not sure as I've never had this problem myself.

    Has anyone heard of this, or does anyone know what it could be, per chance? I'd at least like to figure it out so I can tell them, "Hey look, change this / do that."


    Jan 09 2011 03:41:09


    Debbie Q

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    Besides the possiblity of the customer having cookies disabled the cart cookie times out after about an hour. Could this person be going back to checkout after the cookie expired? The other problem could be if the "checkout" button they are using is not correct so it is going to an empty cart.

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    Jan 09 2011 06:50:35



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    No, it's happening instantly for him. We tried it in two different locations on three different computers (2 PC and 1 Mac) in both FF and Safari and everything works great for us. I'm assuming it's a cookies setting, but I haven't heard back from him yet.