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Re:problems today 13/1/11 emails not coming through

    Jan 15 2011 17:29:34



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    Mal - you may be able to get the payment details etc ok but we have no paperwork to prove we had an order. As you know, we are not allowed to keep what we print from Admin and have to shred it straight away. We have to keep some records - which are the email notifications. So what do we do now? Are all the emails completely lost or can you resurrect them some how?

    Can we also assume that Customers did not get their email notifications either? If so then I have lots of customers to email (typing their email address in manually as I can't copy and paste them from the order emails) to inform that the shopping basket did NOT send them a receipt as promised. I will probably have to type out exactly what they ordered too as many use those email notifications for their accounts.

    I make sure I have the notifications sent to different email addresses with different hosters just in case one of them fails but how can I guard against Mal's email servers failing again?

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