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Premium upgrade not applying to all carts

    Jan 17 2011 15:28:05



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    My client upgraded her account to Premium so one of her sites can make use of the Premium features, but it upgraded the older cart to Premium and the new cart (same account) is listed as free. I already emailed mal but from past experience it might take a few days to hear from him and the site is due to go live within a day or 2. How do we get the new cart to show as Premium?

    Jan 17 2011 16:30:19


    Debbie Q

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    You say that the client has more then one cart? It sounds like they upgraded the wrong one.

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    Jan 17 2011 17:03:09



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    I'd upgrade the right account and ask Mal cancel the other upgrade before billing.

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    Jan 22 2011 18:13:01


    Gerald Harris

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    I agree with Alan. In the past when there were issues Mal has always been more than fair and easy to work with.

    As Alan said, upgrade the account you need to be upgraded, and shoot an email to Mal.

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