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Inventory Database Solution Needed

    Feb 01 2011 00:16:18



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    Has anyone solved this issue? I understand that optioncart offers a inventory component but I do not want to use them for this one function. Please pm me or leave your email in a reply if you have solved this or can solve this for me. I need a robust inventory database.

    I also need to get my customer data into a form that can be used to generate Shipping labels, integrate with USPS, UPS, the whole package.

    I am not a programmer by any stretch, but with the help of the forums and Graham's scripts at, I am happy with mals cart.

    I do need some help to get to the next level.

    Thanks all.

    Feb 26 2011 22:05:51



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    Feb 27 2011 00:03:59


    Tim Sayre

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    I use the download feature to download the address info and USPS has a bulk upload that I utilize to upload, then you can grab the address from the address book, still a lot of work, but better than typing it all into the USPS site.