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Using mOrders over a network

    Feb 07 2011 19:03:21


    Gil Sery

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    I am having trouble using mOrders over a network. Having read the Features page, I know this is possible.

    I have the mOrders Plus version 4.18 software on my computer (which runs Windows XP), along with Premium Mals account, and the software runs fine on my computer.

    However I have since copied the program from my computer and installed it on my network server, as well as changed the database to be on the network server.

    I have also copied my version of mOrders and installed it on another client computer (Windows 7 Pro) on the network server (Windows 2008 Small Business Server)

    I can get the database to show up on this other client computer, and when I click Download, it tells me that new orders have been downloaded and moved to the database, yet those new orders don't show up in the mOrders program after being downloaded.

    I have to download the new orders from my computer, and only then will they show up on the other client computer.

    How do I get the orders to show up on either computer whenever the Download button is pressed?

    Thanks for any help I can get with this.