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Re:MOrders Windows 7 64bit

    Feb 16 2011 23:48:33


    Gil Sery

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    Debbie Q said I use mOrders 3 free version on win7 64 bit so if the older program works. I am sure the new one will too.
    I wish that were true. I'm trying to upgrade from mOrders 4.18 to mOrders 4.24 on Windows 7 Professional and I keep getting an error message saying "The setup file is corrupted". When I try to run it in compatibility mode, it tells me that the program is best run under Windows XP, but it still won't install.

    Any suggestions?

    P.S. Just found out that my stsem is 32-bit not 64 bit. Still, if it works on 64 bit, it should work on 32-bit, right?