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Customer notifications - where's the second option gone for secure checkout

    Feb 21 2011 13:49:13



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    It's been a while since I set up a new cart for a customer and there used to be two sections for customer receipts, one for non-secure payments and the other for secure payments. I want these two options to say something slightly different but I can't seem to find the secure payments option any more. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

    Also, can someone please advise me what has been happening to those carts that I had previously set up in this way? Have they been sending one standard email out for a while?

    Feb 21 2011 14:34:10


    Debbie Q

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    Unless you are talking about a cart you setup over 10 years ago I think your memory might be a little fuzzy about it. There has always been 2 places for a message on the "Thank You" page. One for non-secure payments and the other for secure payments. But as long as I have had a cart here there has only been one email option.

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    Feb 21 2011 15:19:32



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    Thank you for clarification, Debbie. I must have dreamt it!