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Re:Paypal Pro vs Express Checkout

    Dec 08 2008 20:49:50


    Danielle F

    Join date : 2008-12-08      Posts : 26

    I use Paypal Pro, and have for a few years. I like the flexibility of it, and taking orders over the phone into Virtual Terminal is well worth it for us - for example, we sell a lot of custom orders & can take payment immediately without having to create an invoice, and at shows we can get the laptop out & take payment right there too. I use VT at least once per day, but usually 3 or 4 times.

    A lot of customers hate Paypal and/or think it unprofessional if you don't take credit cards directly. That doesn't always matter, but for high end items we need to look professional, so I don't want to give customers an iota of doubt. Other people are just mistrustful so it's better to have more than one option, IMO.
    Well worth $30 for me.