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Mal's not sending emails on all orders

    Mar 14 2011 19:09:31


    David H

    Join date : 2009-12-16      Posts : 24

    I have had two recent orders over the last 3 days in which I have not received notification emails from Mal's. Anyone else having this issue?

    The only way I found out these orders came through was a notification of a paypal payment for one, and a notification from of a payment on another. Then i signed into the mals website and did see them under the orders tab but no notification.

    Mar 14 2011 19:41:42


    Debbie Q

    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 5005

    If you normally get order notifications and you know you have things setup correctly I would suspect that they are being blocked by your ISP spam filter. Did you check your spam box?

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    Mar 14 2011 23:55:25


    David H

    Join date : 2009-12-16      Posts : 24

    Ok, I did get a late notification. I need to investigate the reason for this.