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Re:Shipping Labels and Invoices

    Dec 10 2008 06:37:28



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    I use UPS and Priority mail. I print my labels on 8.5 x 11 size sheets. The sheets are actually labels (2 per sheet or each label is half of the sheet). I use Pitney Bowes software (option called Ship Stream) to print all my postal labels. This is pretty neat because you can add your logo, web address, pics or any message you want to the label. And, if you check the box that says " Use Stealth Indicia (hide postage value)" then the actual amount of your postage doesn't show on the label.

    For UPS I use their software called UPS World Ship.

    As far as my packing slips... I use a 3rd party service mentioned on the Mal's site called "Order History Software". After the order is placed on the cart all the customer's info is sent here. OHY allows me to update order status (processing, shipped..etc..), and print my own customized packing slips with logo etc.... I have coupon codes at the bottom of mine as well as a plug for my other website. The packing slip is printed on a full sheet of regular paper. I'm sure you could set it up so that it only prints on half a sheet of paper too. This is a service (Order History Software) you have to pay extra for but in my opinion I can't live without it. Also my customers can log in to check the status of their orders and as I update their order status I can trigger an email to go out to them. The emails are pre-designed by me and when they are sent it includes their name, order number etc.. Once you have your email templates all set up all you have to do is check the box to send them say a "shipped email" or "password reminder" email.

    PS.. You can order the full sheet labels (2 labels per sheet) from UPS if you have a UPS account for FREE..along with other stuff too. I think you get 50 sheets per package. They have the UPS name on them on the edge as to deter you not to use them for any other carrier.

    PS..I process around 10+ per day too.