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Re:USPS Rates Setup Question

    Mar 23 2011 23:57:47


    Gil Sery

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    Debbie Q said Like I said before. There is no way for the cart to know how many items can fit in a box. You could be shipping marbles or feather beds. All Mal's knows is the weight.

    But if you know something -- whether marbles or feathers -- weighs 5lbs, and is being shipped to Canada, the postal regulation is that you cannot ship in a USPS Priority Mail International Flat Rate Small box, because the maximum weight allowed in that box is 4 lbs.

    Now if you're using a flat charge option in your shipping table, or if you're using the ship by total cost option, then yes, you're correct, the cart will not know that you have chosen the wrong box. You'll only find out when USPS returns the shipment to you a couple days later with a note.

    What I was told is that:

    * Assuming you're using the USPS API to get your quotes (i.e. the box at the top of the USPS Setup page is checked), and
    * Assuming the API has been correctly configured (that's up to Mal), USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Small box will not even show up as an available shipping option, for the exact reason I mentioned above.