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Re:USPS Rates Setup Question

    Mar 24 2011 00:21:59


    Gil Sery

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    Debbie Q said OK but what you said was "to big to fit the box" not "over a required weight limit." 2 different things.
    True, what I meant was "too heavy for the box's weight limit".

    It is true the option would not show up if it does not fit the requirements. Like if something is over 13 ounces then the first class mail option goes away. Let us know what Mal says about adding the box. It might be to complicated.

    Will do.

    I personally look at the flat rate option as my bonus for being smart enough to use it. I charge full rates.

    When you're dealing with a product like tungsten that is heavy by nature, you HAVE to use flat rate boxes or else the shipping would be sky high, and nobody would buy from you.

    Unfortunately, I have had to use the flat charge option for USPS until now, because the Priority Flat Rate options in the Advanced Shipping table do not show up in the shipping options screen -- even when shipping to the same city within the contiguous 48 states.

    So if someone orders 10 lbs of goods, and pays shipping for a Small box, I'm screwed: I either have to go back to him and ask him to pay more shipping -- which looks unprofessional -- or I have to cost the difference myself, which is not good for business.