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Mals not linking to today?

    Mar 29 2011 18:10:35



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    An order went through Mals today which the cart thinks was authorized. But, in fact, the CC approval info was never sent to

    Usually on the Mals receipt in the "For Payment by" field, we get info stating whether or not the order was approved or declined by

    On this order, however, all that's there is: Card.

    Going to our account we find that the info never got sent to at all. There is no record of the order there. So, of course, no cc details were captured, and the order total will not be posted to our bank account.

    The customer got his download links, however, and has already received his order. So basically he has gotten the order for free.

    Anyone else experience this or know what's going on?


    Mar 29 2011 19:44:57



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    I think I figured it out.

    I appears that my Premium cart somehow got downgraded to the standard free cart. All the info was wiped out.

    Don't know how that happened.


    Mar 29 2011 23:48:38


    Debbie Q

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    Check your credit card information on record. If it is outdated or was declined Mal would not have been able to collect payment for the premium cart and it would have been downgraded.

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    Mar 30 2011 01:07:12



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    Thanks for the reply Debby Q.

    The problem turned out to be that my premium account go downgraded to standard, thus breaking the connection to

    I guess I missed the email Mal sent saying it was time to pay up for the premium. Once I upgraded back to Premium, everything worked as usual. Whew!