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Re:Urgently need alternative to Mal's

    Mar 29 2011 22:13:37


    Gil Sery

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    Alan said Is another alternative to find a credit card gateway that does the collecting, or a a bank that does so in conjunction with a merchant account? At a price of course. Paypal Australia?

    Also, it seems to me, that you don't understand that "entering" and "collecting" are two different things entirely. Entering the CVV number is one thing. This is common for any payment gateway.

    Collecting the CVV number means asking for the number in the shopping cart AND storing it in a database, which is another thing entirely. It is only the latter that violates PCI compliance.

    So I don't understand why you can't have the cart enter the CVV number, but just do not have the cart store them along with the rest of the order information.

    Personally, I have my clients enter their credit card number, including CVV number, when they're using my Mal's cart, but don't store either. If something is back-ordered, I just call the customer when it comes in and get their credit card number again for shipping. They're only too happy to oblige.