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Upsell products 'Main cart' or 'With payment option' page

    Apr 15 2011 09:04:10



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    I have 2 Upsell products which appear on my 'main cart page' they tend to take up too much space, I am therefore trying to select the other option of 'You can choose where the add-on appears in the cart:
    'Main cart page' or 'With payment options'

    I have selected 'With payment option' and then Update product, but the Upsell products still appear on the 'Main cart page'

    Has anyone been successful ?

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    Apr 15 2011 14:27:15


    Debbie Q

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    Maybe it is still showing from when you tested it the first time and is saved in the cookie? Try deleting the cookie.

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    Apr 15 2011 18:12:50



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    It appears that you cannot change from one to the other once you have added it to the cart.

    You have to delete then re-add the item, then select your option and then add the 'New Product'

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