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Problem with URL in 'Logo and Header Message'

    Sep 03 2008 13:48:27


    Telos Publishing

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    We're moving our website to another host, and on the new host, the URL is of the numeric type, specifically

    We need therefore to access an image off the site for use on the cart pages, and this is hosted here:

    However this URL comes up as invalid in the Logo and Header Message section of the cart Set Up.

    Does anyone know why? And is there a way around this at all?



    Sep 03 2008 14:31:37


    Debbie Q

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    I would email Mal directly on this.

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    Sep 03 2008 14:32:05


    Nick French

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    That looks like a temporary URL, this should change when you move to your new host to be

    Nick French

    Sep 03 2008 15:14:14


    Barbara LaRue

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    I agree with Nick that it looks like a temp url. Images won't work as long as it's on the temp site.

    Sep 05 2008 07:21:39


    Telos Publishing

    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 2

    Thanks for the comments. It's the URL that my web manager gave me. As far as I know it's the permanent URL and not temporary - and we're not moving the domain servers to him - the domain is just pointing there via standard means.

    I'm seeing if there is an English equivalent for the name, and will email Mal on this one as well, as to my mind, the 'number' URL is a perfectly good ID for the URL - it works and everything!