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Submit form doesn't work? Caused by discountpr?

    Dec 16 2008 14:37:20



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    Can anyone help me with this - something has gone wrong with this one product and even though I keep copying and pasting from other products and rewriting everything I can't get it to work?

    When you click to add to basket, nothing happens - which usually tells me that the problem is with the form - I've made sure there are no other forms on the page with the same name.

    The only thing I've done differently with this from all my other products is that there are more price breaks. I want to give the following discounts: buy 3-4 and get 5%, 5-9 get 10% and over 10 get 12%.

    But could the extra price break cause a problem with posting the form? Would have thought it would give a price not set error instead?

    Fingers crossed someone can spot the problem.


    <td class="spp"> <img class="shl" src="bronz_clay_100_120x120.jpg" alt="BronzClay 100gm bronze

    <td class="spd" span class="sst">BRONZClay - 100gm Clay.<br /></span><br />
    <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="userid" VALUE="A282895">
    <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="product" VALUE="BRONZClay 100 gm">
    <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="discountpr" VALUE="2,19.99:2,18.99:7,18.00:0,17.59">
    <div class="txr">Choose quantity <INPUT TYPE="text" size="1" name="qty"></div>
    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="return" VALUE="">;
    <div class="txr">21.95 <br />(Buy 3 or more and get 5% off, 5 or more and get 10% off, 10 or more

    and get 12% off!)<br />
    <a href="#" onclick="document.100.submit();">Add to basket</a></div>

    Dec 16 2008 15:27:18



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    HTML element names must begin with a letter, so your form name 100 is not allowed.

    Dec 16 2008 15:58:19



    Join date : 2008-12-16      Posts : 11

    Oh Geoff - so simple! You're an absolute star! Thank you!