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US prices including tax

    Jun 12 2011 13:53:31



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    I am from Europe and would like to make products available to the US market. I would prefer to include our prices including all taxes (this is mandatory in Europe by the way). I know that most US prices are excluding taxes, but I'd like to offer all-in prices to our US customers anyway.

    Is my idea realistic? Is there something we should be aware of?


    Thanks for your help!

    Jun 12 2011 13:58:03



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    As different countries within the EU have different tax rates, how are you doing that at the moment. I am not aware that all EU business should show prices including tax. If I have a V.A.T. number, do you then not charge V.A.T.?

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    Jun 12 2011 17:12:49



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    Hi GT,

    In Europe consumers pay the tax in the country where they buy. So if a German consumers buys something in a Belgian webshop, he has to pay the Belgian VAT rate.

    VAT numbers only apply to business customers, not consumers.

    I'd like to open a US webshop where all prices are all-in prices (so including shipping, taxes, etc). So if a US citizen buys something with a price of $ 100 that is the all-in price.

    Is it possible to do (apart from the technical side) or are there things that I have to take into account?