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archiving orders?

    Jun 13 2011 05:00:56



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    I need ideas on how to archive mals orders? once shipped, I may need to refer to the order again, quickly...any suggestions would be appreciated.


    Jun 13 2011 06:37:58



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    The orders are kept for up to 56 days in Mal's, is this not long enough?

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    Jun 13 2011 10:20:14



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    Firstly you should have copy Invoices of goods shippied out.

    Secondly you should have all emailed Orders from Mals in a file called Orders.

    Both will provide sufficient historical info.

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    Jun 13 2011 16:08:24



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    I am looking for a system, that if I need to look up a clients order, I can do so by either name, email etc much like that of Paypal. Hard paper copies are out, and 56 days may not be long enough. I know about the email history, but with 300+ orders a month, it is not so easy to look through emails to find a customers order. oh well, was just wondering if anyone had system.