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Advanced Shipping help please

    Jun 13 2011 13:57:32



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    I have just upgraded to a Premium account in order to get more shipping options. However, everything is quite different and I'm a little unsure what to do next.

    In the standard shipping calculations I was using option 7 and posting units which represented weight. I have 3 shipping zones which is OK but wanted to have more than 5 bands per zone which is why I upgraded.

    In the advanced shipping options there's no option 7 to speak of so I want to know if I use the method 'based on the total sum of units posted in with your products' do I need to increment the values like before and do I choose 'each' or 'band'.

    To explain a little further here is an example of the current standard shipping calculations:

    Zone 1 - UK
    Up to 250 units cost 1.99
    The next 250 units cost 1.00

    The example above shows that something weighing 400 units will cost 2.99 to ship.

    Now similarly in the advanced shipping calculations trying to achieve the same result using 'based on the total sum of units posted in with your products' do I put the following in the rate table...

    The first '250' products cost '1.99' 'each' or 'the band'
    The next '250' products cost '1.00' or '2.99' 'each' or 'the band'
    ie. is it 1.00 or 2.99 in the second row and is it 'each' or 'band'.

    Is there a way of testing the advanced shipping without going live on the website - instead keeping the standard shipping until fully tested?

    I'm not sure how the shipping will look on the live cart with 3 zones with one option each. In the standard shipping there aren't any sub-options so the customer just chooses the zone, in my case, UK, Europe and International. What would the sub-option look like and any suggestions as to what I could call it when I only have 1 option per zone?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Jun 13 2011 15:15:31



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    The table values are the same as in standard shipping.

    The first 250 cost 1.99 the band
    The next 250 cost 1 the band

    'The band' is like options 6 and 7. 'Each' as one might expect is like options 4 and 5. When you've entered several rows and 'Update' more blank rows appear.

    You could use one zone and have three options. If so, and none of the boxes in 'Links to zones' is checked, the cart would simply show 'Add delivery' and when that is clicked (1), your three option names and prices would be offered. The user clicks (2) on his choice, and then (3) on Continue.

    If you have three zones with one option, say UK , rest of Europe, rest of World, and you use the 'List of zones', there would be a blank dropdown - you can put your own message beside it- which will contain the three zone names.

    The customer clicks (1) to show the dropdown, clicks (2) on a zone, and then (3) on Add delivery. The single cost is then shown and he clicks (4) on Continue.

    Another option is to use the Countries list but I'm not sure that would match your requirements simply.

    You can set up and save your advanced shipping values but would need to select the advanced shipping radio button to test.

    Changing back is a case of selecting the Standard shipping radio button.

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Jun 13 2011 16:26:42



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    Many thanks Alan for your comprehensive reply. It was really helpful.