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Additional Customer Info - Check Box

    Dec 18 2008 10:37:06



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    In Advanced Settings - Additional Customer Info -

    I have added a message about claiming a free product if the purchase price is over 150 and also a Check Box which the ourchaser can tick to Claim.

    However when they do make a Claim, the only info I receive on their Order Form is a message saying:-

    Extra customer data: True

    Is this correct or should I receive more info or should I have ticked another Box in Cart Set Up ??

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    Dec 18 2008 12:31:36



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    The simple answer to your question is that the behaviour you have observed appears to be correct as far as the cart programming currently stands.

    Looking at the source of the relevant cart page, the checkbox is hard-coded to return a value of "True" if ticked or "False" if unticked. This is reasonable, although you might argue that "Yes" or "No" would perhaps be better.

    What's surprising is that the cart is not programmed to display [in the order e-mail notification], a more meaningful description than just "Extra customer data" The text in the field label for example would be more informative.

    Perhaps you might consider e-mailing Mal about this feature.