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Re:Orderhistory not answering emails??

    Jun 21 2011 20:53:13



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    pcguy said I have had similar situations. Nearly 1 year ago I purchased software from them and it was full of bugs and I contacted them to fix it and to this day they have never returned any email at all.
    I think in total I sent about 10 emails so in the end to get the software fixed I outsourced it to

    I thought orderhistory would at least have the courtesy to reply to an email but I guess I was wrong. I personally would never deal with them again. There is too many people like them on the net that take your money and run unfortunatly.

    Thank you PcGuy. My client has been using the service for almost 3 yrs now. :/

    is there another service like orderhistory that can be used with Mals?

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