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I may be totally daft here, but

    Dec 22 2008 21:22:49



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    If I log into "My Account" to come here to the forums, I am not able to get back to my "Admin" area. There are no links anywhere. If I go into my favorites and choose the direct link to my "Admin" area, it takes me to a page that says that I am already logged in.

    So how, or where is a link, where I can go from My Account to my Admin without having to log out and log back in again?

    Ok, you can quit laughing if it is painfully obvious, but I have yet to find a darn link since the change over......... ;~p

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    Dec 23 2008 01:14:10


    just visiting

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    Yes, I found the new system frustrating too. Also it seems if you log out of admin, your forum login dies.

    You may want to set up three links as bookmarks/favorites.

    You can login to the forum with a link

    and you can open another tab and use an account login

    and one for the forum itself

    if you check the forum, then login to post a reply, you have to refresh the forum page to obtain a box for the reply.

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    Dec 23 2008 19:10:16


    John Rivers

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    I am very confused also. I don't see why we can't just have everything under one login? I also just upgraded to premium but it's not showing that in my shopping cart so I can't set up advanced shipping or anything?

    I've been using mals-e forever... but this new version is not very user friendly. I don't see why it takes a few days to process the premium payments either.

    Dec 24 2008 00:35:09


    just visiting

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    Comments best directed to Mal for guidance!

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    Dec 28 2008 14:23:06



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    Yep, me too, it's very annoying to have to Log Out to Log In, in order to help someone.

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