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Discount coupons don't work

    Jul 04 2011 17:31:01



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    I have tried several times to get the new discount coupons to work and they just don't. I have to keep going back to the old system.

    The new system there really isn't any way to goof up the coupon, it is just answer a few questions and generate the coupon.

    Anyone else have this issue? I really like using customer specific coupons.

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    Jul 04 2011 19:40:30


    Debbie Q

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    Do you have the link at the top of the page clicked that activates it? Maybe delete the mask on the old system. If if still doesn't work email Mal.

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    Jul 16 2011 16:52:23



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    I am having this problem, too. And I don't see a "link at the top of the page that activates it". ? :( How do I email Mal? Thanks in advance.

    Jul 16 2011 18:16:09



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    I fixed mine! I was adding a $ sign to the fixed value field, and it wasn't generating the coupon. Once I just added the 1.00 without the $, it worked. HTH.